cobra DE OURO

Cobra De Ouro designs are made with Pure energetic love from the Dreams, awakenings and journeys to the Amazon forest and beyond. The designs were crafted by us to be gifted from our hearts to the hearts of the native people who live amongst the great trees. Mother Nature have taught us that each plant and animal holds wisdom and tools for life. In this way we are giving thanks to them for their shared knowledge that feed our minds, bodies and souls. 

Their lessons have taught us what we must focus on as beings, to align with the divine light of life. 

Each thread of Cobra De Ouro carries a  unique story, shape and color to assist in your path.. Cobra De Ouro dresses represent freedom and our ability to be who we are, keeping us safe with the mother like hug wrapping us in its warmth of the fine silks, allowing us to flow through life with grace and gentleness....and mainly it reminds us to learn from the Snake - Cobra,  that we are ready to shed our skin as each piece lays on the body loosely and elegantly without squeezing our energetic fields and are ready to slip off when needed to reveal the NEW YOU the Golden Snake - Cobra De Ouro.

Cobra De Ouro pieces can be worn alone or layered with any article of clothing you desire. We suggest wearing them alone or over your Yoga clothing for a nice added warm layer or to have a feeling of protection while practicing our meditation journeys. 

The Dimensions of each piece vary but fit all sizes, Some lengths are longer than others and each piece has a variety of neck lines  with also a variety of sleeve lengths. Please find the image useful for guidance of dimensions. Yes!! Yes